Cacoon Double Olefin - Ø 1.8 m

The Cacoon Double in Olefin is a hanging tent with a diameter of 1m80 that invites you to take a nap or relax.

Ideal in your garden or on your terrace, this nest is able to receive several children or 2 adults lying down. Perfect for relaxation!

Resistant it supports 200kg and is provided with its rope of 6 meters and its carabiner.
Machine washable.

The difference between Cacoon Double and Cacoon Olefin Double?
The material, Olefin, is stronger and more sun-resistant than polycotton.
The aluminum rings of the structure have a larger section and are covered by a zipper that protects them.

The Cacoon Olefin material was developed for professional use, so more intensive. It's the high-end Cacoon just for you!

OLEFIN ACTION: Buy a Cacoon Olefin Double, receive a mattress of 99€.


Olefin fabric has been selected for it’s ultra resistance against UV damage and fading, withstanding the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements; sun, wind, rain, humidity. It also retains the easy care characteristics of the Polycotton used in our original Cacoon range.

Ø 1,8 m
Loading capacity
Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 720 kg
UV performance
Water repellent
Anti mould and bacteria treatment
Hanging space required - headroom
Minimum height of 2,40 meter - Ideal height of 2,60 meter
Hanging space required - floorspace
Minimum space of 1,9 diameter - ideal 2,55 diameter
Individual carton packaging
104 (l) * 22 (h) * 20 (w) cm / 7.8 kg
Tripod stand compatible

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