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Wooden Tripod for Cacoon & Songo,...

Nowhere to hang your Cacoon? No problem. Our stylish Tripod Stand in wood is designed specifically to hold your Cacoon - no matter what its size. This aesthetic feature stand can double as a pergola in your garden or on your patio.

Tripod color

The timber is pressure treated and should last for 10 years, but we recommend that the tripod is washed down and coated with Danish oil or any other outdoor wood treatment once a year and stored over winter. This way you may well get 25 years use from it.

Loading capacity
Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging space required - headroom
Minimum space of 2,55 meter
Hanging space required - floorspace
Minimum space of 2,55 meter
Individual carton packaging
170 (l) * 45 (w) * 19 (h) cm / 42 Kg
Weight of product
40 Kg
Compatible with
Cacoon Bonsai, Single, Double
Quality Label
100% FSC, PEFC, TUV, ISO and GL-24 certificate
Not included in the price
Cacoon and other accessories
Timber wood

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Assemble Wooden Tripod

How to assemble my wooden tripod

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