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Songo Vido Olefin - 1.95m*1.25m

Songo, the dream in Esperanto, is a hammock of 1m95 even more design and open than a Cacoon.

Its organic oval shape and its two doors allow optimum comfort to lie down while having an eye to the sky.

The difference with the Cacoon?
Its oval shape and its openings which allow greater air circulation and allow to enjoy several views on the outside while guaranteeing a minimum of privacy. Guaranteed play of light and shade.

It can hang anywhere, on a tree, a portico, a beam or a pergola.
Available in 7 colors, the Olefin fabric resists rain and sun.

Solid it supports 150kg and at the end of the season, storage it or hang it inside.

Machine washable.

Price $329.75
Songo Kamelo

We have designed a nest that has two attachment points, making it totally stable from front to back; The Kamelo is the ideal reserve vessel. Like the Songo, the twin doors allow a light breeze to flow, whilst maintaining the swinging motion.

Price $449.00